About Us

IranAir's Frequent Flyer reward program under the name of SkyGift Club

has been established since October 1st 2004.
In this club, we intend to render service to loyal passengers of IranAir. Members
hip of this club is totally free of charge and possible at any time; in other words, passengers willing to enjoy our rewards can join us easily by filling out the application forms available at IR flights, IranAir Sales offices and travel agencies and SkyGift website. It's worthy of mention that SkyGift points are calculated on the flight class, distance and the season passengers fly.

Earning the required points during the specified periods of time as per the SkyGift terms and conditions, members are promoted to the Blue, Silver and Gold card levels respectively.

We hope that we could extend our willingness to serve you the best and provide you as a loyal passenger with benefits you deserve.