Is it possible to cancel the transfer of flight point to the family?

It is not possible to cancel the transfer of point after family form confirmation. After one year , point donator is allowed to cancel the transfer of point through his profile,if he wishes .

How can I be a member of SkyGift club?

−You can either go online on www.skygift.ir.

−Fill up the enrolment form available on-board.

−Attend IranAir SkyGift head office at No.48, Khodami Street, Vanak Square, Tehran,Iran. Don’t forget to have your passport handy.


How can I get a membership account online?

Simply go to www.skygift.ir, and select Join to the club. You need to provide required personal information completely. After confirmation you will receive an email including a membership number and a password to log in and access your account online. Your permanent Privilege Club membership card will be sent to you upon your first flight with Iran air.

How can I earn points on my flights?

All international flights result in points for you except charter flights, and T class.

How can I claim for my missing flights?

To register your missing flights, you need to sign in your profile, select “missing flight” option and enter your missing flight date and number.

How can I change my password?

Click on “Request / change Password” option on the login page and enter the details as requested on the fields. You need to submit your card number and password then register the new password.

How can I get a new password?

Select forget password and chose preferred option to get your new password by EMAIL or SMS.

have forgotten my card number. How can I get this number?

You need to select forget card number option, and by filling your personal information, and you will receive a new card number by EMAIL or SMS.

How can I get points by Inviting other people to Skygift Club ?

You have an Invite code in your profile that can be seen in Invite friends tab.

You can invite a maximum of 6 people who are not Skygift members yet.

After registration and receiving the card number and password, the invitee should enter your invite code in his own profile in Register inviter code tab.

You will receive 500 points after recording the first flight that can be seen in Point summary tab.

Can I transfer points to my family members?

Yes, you can transfer up to %50 of earned points to your family, if you have completed the family member form prior to the flight. It’s obvious that you cannot both receive and send points to your family at same time.

How do I know the amount of miles required for an award ticket?

Find free ticket option on your profile. It will display the required points for desire destination.

What benefits are offered for Gold and Silver memberships?

Silver Members

Gold Members

Excess Baggage Allowance

Excess Baggage Allowance

Priority for receiving baggage

Lounge access

Priority  for stand-by (waitlist)

Guaranteed booking reservation

Tier bonus (%25 more points for each flight)

Tier bonus (%50 more points for each flight)


Free Taxi transfer for destinations inside the city

What is the permitted duration for registering the flight?

Within 3 month you should submit your flight to earn points.

How many points you need to gain a Silver card?

Members having 25000 points in 2 years will gain a Silver card.

How many points you need to gain a Gold card?

Members having Silver status and then earning 25000 points in 1 year will gain a Gold card.

How many points are required to renew a silver card?

Silver Members need to earn at least 12000 points in 12 months.

How many points are required to renew a Gold card?

Gold Members need to earn 25000 points in 24 months.

How can Gold members have access to CIP Lounge?

Gold Members need to ask the agent at the booking time. She will arrange the passenger to have free access to CIP Lounge at the flight date.

How can Gold members have access to Taxi transfer?

Gold Members need to ask SkyGift desk at the airport to issue the free Taxi receipt for local transportation.

If I lose my Sky gift, how can I get a new card?

First you need to contact Sky gift agent, reissuing the new card requires losing 2000 points; you can get your new card from sky gift office.

Is it possible to upgrade tickets by Sky gift points?

Upgrading tickets are not possible by SkyGift points

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